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To go back up the industry, go to the end of September at the World Hair Salon, Porte de Versailles in Paris. In the ambient humidity and din, dozens of figaro compete in dexterity. So everything is in the title, someone could inform me when to the possibilities of possible appeal after my passage of the driver's license where the inspector put me 19.5 points (knowing for those who do not know it that he it takes 20 points to have it). I already see those who will say one who missed his license and who says it is the fault of the inspector I want to clarify that this is absolutely not my case, but I find (and my driving school too) that she noted me very severely knowing Getropin Side Effects that the least thing she did not say she did (and there was not much, just 2 or 3 times that she 'said that I might have had to downgrade but in stress I had not thought), otherwise level anticipation, security, controls, facilities, she never had anything to say to me, I have a little struggling to make my niche with stress but I did all the controls, blink etc (she told me that I had done everything, many times in the course I did things where she told me that it was good), so I'm actually dismayed and especially I do not understand to have had as few points, but especially for driving absolutely not dangerous and even secure, she put me 19.5, why 19.5 knowing that Riptropin For Sale to half a point more I had it .Sachant also that she put me 2 out of 3 to the verifications knowing that to Acquisto Cialis the one I have all just (put the position lights and indicate the light on the dashboard), and to the other (which I had never seen at the car school) I have almost everything good ie the check it was the loading Lr3 Accessories Uk of the trunk> Triangle of pre-signaling but no bomb puncture or spare wheel because this one is located under the car + to make when loading the trunk> To inflate a little the tires and to change the Buy Kamagra 100mg inclination lighthouses, and there she told me go up or down? and having never heard of it and with the stress I did not Australia Kamagra Manufacturers know how to answer her, I told her that I did not know that I could not visualize her seeing how stressed I was, and there she told me explained gently saying that it was not serious, but in the end it still puts me 2 out of 3 gold if I had had Buy Cheap Jintropin Online 3/3 j 'had my license.Mon auto école and I find it very severe, especially since there are other points where it was Commander Kamagra also severe so I am really really disgusted.I do not think that I exaggerate to want to make a recourse, in addition it is even my driving school which has me advised it was not even my idea (I was too much collapsed to think myself anyway), knowing that they have never seen a pupil failed to have 19.5 and no misconduct.Furthermore, I do the driving accompanied since a long time and it's going very well, my father who is very critical and does not hesitate to the slightest error on my part m me said that now I drive very well (and I assure you that his opinion is objective because it is uncompromising on safety), and I have driven with 4 different monitor these last weeks who all told me that I drove well, a I even said that I would have the license with my fingers in my nose, so I do not throw flowers at all, but you can understand how much I fall from high. Then, if someone knows what it is it is necessary to do, where to address, how it happens, I even want testimonials from people who have already done (whether it has succeeded or not). Thank you for your help because I am desperate.I challenge the answer Sieur Mou! My daughter has been registered for almost 3 years and is driving very well.We have entered a system that we are going to have to blow up.Information to the courts, find the hierarchy of the Inspectors, challenge, ask against expertise and demand before the Prefectures and Administrative Courts and write articles in the Press, which I will start to do.And royally young people, when our poor generation of fools has made you suffer so much and pay to get your license, it is not you awarded only 6 points.Why half of Paris taxis roll without points and 20% of people without a license.